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Disorder (2014)
music: Mono (from "Because Everything still moves", JonicNoise, 2014)
video: Jimmy Leopards

Waiting 4 u (2012)
music: Piltzner (from "Recovering System #3", JonicNoise, 2012)
video: Piltzner

Sonic Deconstruction of Heaven (2011)
music: NCT333
video: NCT333

Save Contrada Gancia (2009)
music: Piltzner
video: Piltzner

Suburban Electric Ritual (2009)
music: NCT333
video: NCT333

Ondine (2009)
music: Ex-directory
video: Born Holmer

Ping from Mars (2009)
music: Kim iya (feat. Rgod)
video: Born Holmer

Black Circus (2008)
music: NCT333
video: Born Holmer

Installation & interactive sound design

Elektro-Kokon 1.2
video, interaction design: Born Holmer (a.k.a. mariano leotta)
choreography: gonçalo cruzinha
interactive sound design: ex-directory

Voci Sincopate
author: Born Holmer (a.k.a. mariano leotta)
sound design: piltzner & boogiepop

Video CTRL Room
author: Born Holmer (a.k.a. mariano leotta)
video designer: (Emanuele Foti)
sound design: ex-directory

Soundtracks and video-sound design

Artereazione project for ONG Transparency International
The work is a six chpaters (and introduction too) info-video for workers of one of the UNCAC's (United Nations Convention Against Corruption) projects.

Project management and writing: Mariano Leotta
Graphic animation: Alessandra Leone
Soundtracks: B-hors (aka Adriano Sorbello)
Sound design and audio editing: Piltzner (aka Giuseppe Pillera)

Eteroioumenos (2007)
regia: Timotheè George
music: Ex-directory
Sound fx & mixing: Piltzner

Activism reportages by Luca Fuscaldi

Latest releases

Because Everything still moves - Mono Live slow, die old (Mas & Delayer) Rain cover (by Federico TomoZ Bandini)

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